Got 1:1 devices at your child's school?

You know the good side of it. Now read below to learn the rest.

This is about so much more than normalizing computers teaching our kids instead of human teachers... but it is about that, too. In another spot on post by education activist, Alison McDowell, she explains that the big problems start with de-humanizing education, but then it gets creepier.

Take 10 minutes to watch this stranger than fiction, but true video summarizing how the Department of Defense, lots of corporations, and Bill Gates are unnervingly involved with education.

Problem #1:

"Data-driven, standards-based tactics have been intentionally employed to regiment the very human process of teaching and learning. During ADL’s first decade, the imperative was to get technology and Internet into schools. Once that infrastructure was in place, they could concentrate on restructuring the curriculum making screen-based education central and pushing the teacher into a secondary role on the sidelines."

Dreambox, Achieve 3000, and other "personalized learning" systems do not get students to love learning.  

 Problem #2:

" The Learning Registry is another important piece of the puzzle. It was created in 2011 as a partnership between the US Department of Education and once again the Department of Defense. It is an open source distribution network of learning resources that holds meta data and para data. It is important to understand that learning objects can be tagged in many ways, including adding tags for a variety of standards. For that reason even if we get rid of Common Core State Standards, it wouldn’t necessarily make a dent in slowing down the rollout of adaptive, digital curriculum."

Problem #3:
"The devices in our children’s classrooms are largely there because a specific set of government policies have prioritized technology over human educators for the past fifteen years. These devices are watching us as much as we are watching them. And we should be aware that many of the programs in use are direct outgrowths of work done by the Department of Defense in partnership with private sector interests and institutions of higher education. Technology can be used for good, but not if it is given an unconditional pass in our classrooms."

Our kids are pawns in a big $ grab.

Creepy, unethical, and bi-partisan.
 Watch the video. Share the facts.


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