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Hell Yes, We Are Worried – #NotSafe To Reopen Schools in Person

I am scared for the children of America and their families. I am also scared for school staff and their families.
If your child or parents or aunt or uncle or grandparents or friend or teacher or principal or neighbor dies due to reopening in person, would you still support it? Are we really prepared for the pain and suffering of reopening in person? Think about the effect these deaths have on the children left behind. If you agree, please share this on social media. For the kid's sake.

The following screen shots are all from the twitter feed of Cleavon Gilman, MD
@Cleavon_MD Arizona ER Doc| Iraq War Vet | EMRA #45under45| on the #Covid pandemic frontlines x 2; NYC to AZ| Fighting COVID 24/7 | Never Forget HCWs @CTZebra We need to know their stories and faces and listen to science. This hurts, but read each one. These poor kids... sigh.

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