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Why I Broke Up with Bill Gates

Back in the 1990’s we all routed for the young dot-comers whose ideas were revolutionary and seemed badass and exciting. What was not to love about an Ivy League dropout who changed the world from his garage? Entrepreneur reports that, “In just 25 years, he built a two-man operation into a multibillion-dollar colossus and made himself the richest man in the world somewhere along the way. Yet he accomplished this feat not by inventing new technology, but by taking existing technology, adapting it to a specific market, and then dominating that market through innovative promotion and cunning business savvy.” And when Gates brought that cunning business approach to education, well, that is where my disillusion began.
The dangerous thing about being a tech expert is the possibility of crossing the line of your area of expertise. I imagine Bill Gates means well, but can he really improve education (Nope, read this, this, and this)? Business Insider reports that Gates and his foundation fail…

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