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Are your Local Schools Being Transformed into Community Schools? And Why it Matters.

  There is so much jargon in education today, and it would serve every parent, school board member, and tax payer to recognize it and see it for the red flag that it is. One must first understand the part of the Obama administration's Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) about community schools .  ESSA was passed into law in 2015, and was touted as the remedy to the Bush administration's, No Child Left Behind. What many of us didn't know is that there is a plan in motion to reduce local control over our schools, add multiple "stakeholders" to the leadership table, and do so in order to create venture capital investment opportunities with eyes on our public education tax dollars. I wish I were kidding. Ask yourself if there are any venture capitalists or people in that field on your school board? Are there people involved with charter schools? With sustainable communities? With community schools? Is race being used disingenuously to promote policies that would set up

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