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This is the lead expert witness in the Wolk case against LMSD?

This 2015 op ed is written by Michael T. Rock. At that time he was a Unionville–Chadds Ford School Board Director. He is a Samuel and Etta Wexler Professor of Economic History at Bryn Mawr College. 
He seems like a pretty decent human being, too.

Professor Rock states the following:

Jeff’s and his colleague Keith Knauss’ political action committee aims to promote what they called efficient education. When I first joined the Board Keith encouraged me to visit their website Efficient Education. What I found there was alarming—the use of shoddy statistical work and cherry picking of the academic literature to suit their ideological predispositions. As a practicing research economist I was appalled. To make matters worse, Jeff’s political action colleague said at a recent Board meeting that he’d like to see the UCFSD create a KIPP charter school. Except for the Hellrung/Knauss ideological predispositions, I can’t see how this makes any sense. Sad to say, I’m led to conclude that …

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