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State Tests Still Stink. Want to know why?

If you have or know children between grades 4 and 8, chances are they are being taught something called, Text Dependent Analysis (TDAs) in their English/Language Arts classes. Ask the kids what they think about them... this is a public education issue across America.

In the government's quest to privatize public education (think charter schools), and to provide vouchers (think a drop in the bucket of private school tuition), the shell game of your state's standardized test is getting worse than ever. Contrary to what so many people think, state standardized tests are designed to fail our children, so politicians can claim public schools are "failing" America's children.

The thing is, our public schools are not failing.  Yes, public schools have room to grow, but rest assured that the quality of public education would greatly improve if politicians left teaching to the experts.

The amount of test prep in our schools is shameful. Teachers from around the country …

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