Don't be fooled by "Anytime, Anywhere Learning"

A brilliant activist friend of mine, Alison McDowell, created this 4 minute, must-see video. She has been putting the attack on public education puzzle pieces together and it is clear to me that she is spot on. After watching this short video, check your school district's strategic plan and website. Do you see many of the terms & jargon mentioned in the video? I bet you do.

Concerned? Here are some next steps:

1. Recognize the danger.
2. Educate yourself and others.
3. Ask questions publicly.
4. Opt out of data collection.
5. Organize resistance to automated teaching and virtual schooling... and badging.

Learn more here at Alison's blog.

"The push for conditioning and compliance will continue as we finalize the transition to an education system where surveillance is branded as data-driven “personalization” and devices monitor our children’s classrooms continuously. It’s difficult to organize and fight such a nebulous foe... I hope to convey the reality of the reformers’ true end game- a future of automated teaching, virtual schooling, and community-based badging programs where workforce skills trump knowledge and critical thinking in the human capital game.  A future where parents and students must cobble together dozens of credentialed online and offline educational opportunities for their e-portfolios, feebly attempting to pay for them from meager virtual wallets/Educational Savings accounts."

Orwellian? Yes.
Science fiction? Sadly not.


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