Why opt out? "The test scores of 15-year-olds do not predict our future."

Don't let our kids be used.
Disrupt the standardization of America's schools.
“The United States used to lead the world educationally, but we’ve fallen to the middle of the pack. Our students are lagging behind, and the global economy is growing more competitive every day.”


"The U.S. never led the world on test scores. When the first international tests were given in the 1960s, the U.S. students came in last. Yet over the next 50 years, our nation surpassed the other 11 nations that took the same test by every measure: economic productivity, technological innovation, military might, creativity, and democratic institutions. The test scores of 15-year-olds do not predict our future. The policies of our government, the decisions of corporations to outsource jobs, our treatment of our children and communities matter more." Read more here.



Read THIS BOOK  to learn about the history of education so you can recognize the lies.


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