Needed: The Return of Common Sense

"As a result (of the push for college and career "readiness"), this process (of learning) tilted away from the more traditional aims of self-actualization, appreciation, and happiness. It is in the ability to check off a box of measurable outcomes, assurance of accountability in education across the levels, evidence that monies supporting public education are well-spent creating people ready to contribute and perpetuate the status quo."

We must demand that our schools keep the high bar of developing a love of learning, creativity, and critical thinking, rather than what the state and federal politicians push for in MEASURABLE OUTCOMES.

“School readiness, a state we so avidly seek, has created a chain (in all senses of the word) between our youngest students and the labor force, reinforcing the idea of children as commodities.”

The real purpose of this push for "readiness" is about getting corporate hands on our tax dollars:

"Curriculum, standards, teacher education programs, interventions, parent education, assessment, state-funded 4-year-old programs, and privatization are just the beginning of policies and practices created and implemented all in the name of readiness…kindergarten readiness is plagued with a list of academic skills like identifying rhyming words and the alphabet. Companies like LeapFrog offer lists of readiness skills to educate the public as well as products to achieve this readiness. A Kindergarten Readiness App is available for download to your iPhone or iPad, ensuring development of early literacy and math skills."

"The authors note that employers say that high school and college graduates are not well prepared for the jobs that are available but when asked about the skills they want, they speak of creativity, critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and other “soft” skills that are currently out of vogue."

Parents must trust our common sense and instincts. We must make our voices heard.


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