No Miracle in New Orleans Schools...

Our hearts and minds are with the people of New Orleans on this 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Please take a few minutes to watch these videos that show what most news stories have conveniently left out of their coverage. The people of NOLA want us to know that school choice is short on choice.

These are short, MUST SEE videos. First watch this video on the illegal takeover of NOLA schools.

Then watch this one about the illusion of school choice.

 Education does not work well under a business model. Every family and every child deserves neighborhood schools that work together with their community and an locally elected school board of residents.

So many suburban families feel terribly for our urban neighbors who are struggling with the destruction of their public schools... but we must speak out for our neighbors now. Think about the spending per student in your district and imagine how corporate investors would love to pocket your public school tax dollars. I blogged here about how suburban districts are the new target for privatization. They will study our demographics and offer us schools that sound too good to be true - because they are. We must pay attention to the history of public school takeovers and the myth of school choice. History always repeats itself, unless we learn.


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