Save Childhood.

  "(New York City) is developing assessments in a range of subjects, including English as a second language, special education and music. City officials are also working on assessments for kindergarten, first grade and second grade, where exams 
are less common."   -The New York Times, 6/3/13

Sometimes people ask me why I think standardized tests have become so prevalent in our schools.  There are probably many responses to that question, but regardless, I can see when a line is crossed...and I think New York City may have just crossed it.


Here's the thing, I have been unable to bounce back from the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting at the end of 2012.  I think a lot of us feel this way. There were so many horrific aspects of that morning, but I can't stop thinking about those sweet babies and their last moments on this planet.

They were so young. They should still be here playing, drawing, running, dancing, singing, laughing, exploring, reading, learning...and taking standardized tests? 
That sounds so wrong, right?

There comes a point when we have to ask ourselves to stop, and consider what we are doing in the name of data. Our children need to be allowed to grow up in an educational environment that is un-politicized.  Developmentally, giving standardized tests to kindergarten, first and second graders makes no sense (some say it doesn't make sense for most grades). 
Anyone with even the tiniest bit of background in education or child psychology
 knows this to be true.

Our littlest kids are the first to notice the shapes of clouds, a rainbow during a summer rain shower or that dandelions make a great gift for mom for no reason at all.

If I had a wish, it would be for a joyful, fair & equitable childhood for all kids.

Please stop, look & listen....the time to speak up for our kids 
may be right now.

Save childhood.


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