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My name is Danielle Arnold-Schwartz, but my students call me Schwartzy.  I love what I do every day, not because of June, July & August, but because you never know what is going to happen next with my wonderful, funny, intelligent, justice-minded, caring, and inquisitive students.

 In 1994 I became a middle school teacher, and have taught English & social studies in grades six through eight.

I like to think of middle school as the wonder years. Some people think they are awkward years (Don't ask me to show you my middle school yearbooks!), some people find it brave or crazy, or both, but a good middle school teacher can ease the journey.  I once heard someone I greatly respect say that we walk our kids through these years. I liked that.

In this blog I will throw ideas out there that I may or may not agree with. They do not represent the opinion of my school district.  They are just food for thought. The late, great George Carlin said it well:
Thanks for taking this journey with me...let's see where it leads.

Disclaimer: Please forgive formatting inconsistencies due to blog limitations.
Consider this blog a journal written in the wee hours of the morning or late in the night,
and kindly excuse any human errors.


  1. Hi Schwartzy,
    I love this blog. I am so glad you ran into my daughter last week. She will love doing her senior project with you. She just got her SAT scores and is less than thrilled. I hate the tests. They are killing her spirit, along with the high school curriculum that teaches for the PSSA/Keystones. My kids think they did well in your class because you were an "easy" teacher. I tell them that it's because you taught them so well that it didn't feel like hard work.
    We love you!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Thanks also for clarifying that learning doesn't need to be painful! My favorite teachers found the balance between helping me feel motivated to work hard and not making me anxious about it. I try to do the same for my students. Tell your kids to hang in there and not to let standardization determine how they view their own intelligence. If they haven't seen my Einstein entry (July), please have them read it! I am very excited for my future senior intern! She will be a great teacher one day, if she decides to go that route. Keep reading my blog and others - change may be slow, but it is in the air.

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  3. I am anthony bouldin. i am cool


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